Dal Recipes

Methi Dal ( Toor Dal Tempered With Fresh Methi Leaves)

Serving – 2

Toor Dal (Split Pigeon Pea) , boiled- 6 Tablespoons
Fresh Methi Leaves – 3 Tablespoons
Oil – 1 Tablespoon
Cumin Seeds – 2 Teaspoons
Asafoetida ( hing ) – 1/2 Teaspoon
Ginger Paste – 1 Teaspoon
Garlic Paste – 2 Teaspoons
Green Chilli, Slit – 2
Turmeric Powder – 1/2 Teaspoon
Salt to Taste
Lemon Juice – 1 Tablespoon


Heat oil in a non stick pan, add cumin seeds, and asafoetida, Saute till brown. Add ginger and  garlic paste , green chillies. Mix well. 
Add the fenugreek leaves and saute for five minutes. Add little water and cover and cook for few minutes till soft.
Add turmeric powder and salt. Mix well. Add the boiled dal and mix well.
Boil for three to four minutes and add  Lemon juice and serve hot.

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