Mango Muskmelon Smoothie

Serving – 2


Alphonso Mango, peeled, chopped, frozen – 1 cup
Muskmelon, peeled, chopped, frozen – 1 cup
Sugar – as required
Strawberry crush – 2 Tablespoons
Tutti frutti – for garnishing


Take one plastic container, put mangoes and muskmelon, cover with lid. Frozen for 3 to 4 hours.

Blend frozen mango, muskmelon, sugar, strawberry crush well.

Take serving glass, pour this mixture. 

Garnish with strawberry crush and tutti frutti.

Serve chilled.


  1. ભાષા ભદલીને વાંચી શકાય છે ! આ ફિચર પણ ગ્મ્યું !. મસ્ત બ્લોગ..

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