Beverages Mocktails Quick Recipes


Serving – 1

Lemon Slices – 3 to 4
Mint Leaves – 4 to 5
Black Salt – To Taste
Salt To Taste
Fresh Orange Juice – 120ml
Pineapple Juice – 60 ml
Pineapple Flavoured Ice Cubes – 3 to 4
Honey / Powdered Sugar – To Taste
Aerated Drink – As Required

Add Lemon slice, mint leaves, black salt, salt in to shaker. Muddle with muddler. Add Orange  juice and  honey /sugar shake well.

Take one serving glass, pour orange juice mixture. pour pineapple juice with the help of spoon. pour aerated drink with help of spoon. Add Ice cubes.

Garnish with cherry and mint leaves.

Serve Chilled. 

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