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Biscuit Pizza Bites/ Pizza Crackers

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time : 1 minute


Pizza flavoured biscuits- 8 to 10


chopped onion

sweet corns kernels

chopped cupsicums

Processed cheese 1

chilli flakes

cheese slice 1


1 Take pizza flavoured biscuits.

2 Apply bit of ketchup.

3 put chopped onions, sweet corns, chopped capsicum.

4 put shredded processed cheese.

5 sprinkle bit of chilli flakes.

6 cut cheese slice and put on each biscuit.

7 heat pan on slow flame and put each prepared biscuit
cover lid for around 1 minute(till cheese melt).

8 lovely tea time snack is ready to dig in.

Video Recipe: