Panjabi Tadka

Khatte Baigan

Ingredients :

Tamarind pulp – 2 tablespoons
Small Brinjals  – 400 grams
Oil for deep-frying
Mustard oil – 2 tablespoons
Onions –  2 medium
Ginger –  1 inch piece
Garlic  – 10-15 cloves
Green chillies –  5
Turmeric powder-  1/4 teaspoon
Fennel seed (saunf) powder  – 1 tablespoon
Cumin powder  – 1 1/2 teaspoons
Water 1 cup
Salt to taste
Kashmiri red chilli powder  – 3/4 teaspoon

Method :

Quarter the brinjals , Deep Fry .
Heat mustard oil in a non stick pan till it smokes.

Add green chillies, onion-ginger-garlic  paste, to the mustard oil and sauté. 
Add turmeric powder, fennel powder, cumin powder and mix well.
Add 1 cup water and mix. Add Fried Brinjals to the gravy. 
Add salt, Kashmiri red chilli powder, tamarind pulp and mix.
Cover and cook on low heat for 4-5 minutes. Serve hot.