Paneer(Cottage Cheese) Recipes Panjabi Tadka

Paneer Kofta Curry

Serving – 2

Ingredients for Paneer Kofta :

Grated Paneer – 1 cup
Milk -1 table spoon
Bread Crumbs – As Required
Salt to taste
Garam Masala – 1 tea spoon
Green chilly chopped – 2
Processed Cheese – 1 cube
Corn Flour – 1 Table spoon
Oil – As Required For Deep Fry 

Method For Paneer Koftas :

Take one mixi bowl. Add Paneer and milk, grind them Smoothly.

Take One bowl,  Add Above Paneer Mixture

Add Salt,Green chilies, Fresh Bread Crumbs, Garam masala and Mix It Well.

Make small bolls and put cheese piece in the center and roll it. Do the same for the remaining.

Roll The Bolls In corn flour and Then Fresh Bread crumbs.

Heat sufficient oil in a kadai. Deep fry the bolls till golden brown and crisp in color.

Ingredients For Curry :

Chopped Onions – 2 medium
Chopped Tomatoes – 6 medium
Garlic -7 to 8 cloves
Ginger – 1/2 inch
Green chilly – 2
Cashew nuts ( soaked in Warm Water) –  10 to 12
Salt to taste 
Red chilly powder – 2 tea spoons
Garam masala – 2 tea spoons
Oil – as required

Method for Curry :

Take one pan and heat oil.

Add chopped onions, chopped tomatoes, garlic, ginger, green chilies, cashew nuts and saute for 3 minutes on medium flame. Let it cool down. Grind it and make smooth paste.

Take one pan and heat some oil. saute smooth paste for 3 to 4 minute.

Add salt, gram masala, red chilly powder and mix well. again saute for 1 to 2 minute.
Ready to Serve.

Take one servin bowl and pour curry and set paneer koftas. Serve  Hot Paneer kofta curry  with butter Paratha or butter Nan.