Mango Papadi Chaat

Preparation Time : 5 Minutes

Cooking time : 0 Minutes


Papadi (flatten crispy puri) – 6 to 7 pieces
Ripen Chopped mangoes – as required.
Red chilli powder – as per taste
Salt – as per taste
Chaat masala – as per taste
Fresh coriander leaves
Trutti Frutti – as per taste
Cheese slice – 1
Roasted black sesame seeds – 1 Tbsp


1 Take ripen mangoes and cut them into small pieces.

2Add red chilli powder,salt to taste and chaat masala,mix well.

3Add freshly chopped corianderleaves,give it a mix.

4 Take a plate and arrange papadi.

5 Add spoonful of mango mixture on top of papadi.

6 Add some trutti frutti on top of it.

7 Add small cut pieces of cheese slice on top of it.

8 Put one fresh leave of coriander on top.

9 Add roasted black sesame seeds.

10 Enjoy Mango Papadi Chaat.

Twist : You can use raw mangoes.

Recipe Video: