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How To Make Quick Recipes

Dry Bread crumbs

Bread crumbs are made by processing bread into coarse or fine powder. It is usually made from leftover bread and  is a good way of avoiding wastage. Bread crumbs are used as binding agent or coating agent for deep fried and pan fried foods. A coating of bread crumbs gives the patty a good shape and holds it together. Once fried, it gives a crisp texture and golden brown colour. There are two types of bread crumbs available in market …

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Strawberry Compote / Sauce

Before strawberry season is over, I want to share this compote recipe. Until this year I have never made Strawberry Compote. If you are like me, I highly recommend you would make this sauce or compote because it is easy to make and so delicious. You can serve this compote or sauce with pancakes, waffles or as topping on ice cream, topping on bread or roti or paratha. Preparation time – 10 minutes Cooking time -25 to 30 minutes Ingredients: …

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How to make Chilly Garlic Oil

Ingredients:Oil – 1/4 cupGarlic cloves, semi crushed -10 to 12 Red chilly powder – 2 TeaspoonMethod: Heat oil in kadai, sauté semi crushed garlic cloves till golden brown. Take it out garlic cloves from the pan and let it cool down oil. Add red chilly powder into oil, mix well keep aside for an hour. Sieve it.

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How to make Tinned/ Canned pineapple

How to make Tinned pineapple ?? Very simple …cut pineapple into small pieces .Add sugar As per your taste..Mix It well. Boil over slow heat until all of the liquid is absorbed, only a little syrup should be left .After 1 hour u can store in air tight jar . Store in the  freezer for up to a year.Tips : u can make lots of recipes from this canned pineapple like …. backed macaroni with pineapple , pineapple raita , pineapple …